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"Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels".
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March 25, 2004
Think Spanish!
USA, March 25, 20004 –– announces "Think Spanish" campaign. a Campaign targeting, but not limited to Americans.

Conceptualized and created by Eric Festo, an advertising, design and marketing professional and Publisher of EmpireWatch, the campaign piece promises to be a global hit in the "conscious community". Albeit a bit subliminal and vague in it's exact meaning, the message should "hit home" in a variety of ways. In fact, the campaign's goal is to allow for individuals to take the message to which ever levels they feel fit.

With the help of the internet, almost everyone can freely express their own opinions and open topics that they are concerned about. We can use our social media accounts, blog sites, and forums to campaign our beliefs or joined groups that have the same interests as yours. If you are confident enough and sure about your data, you can post your articles under your own name. However, you can also choose to post in forums as an anonymous user. But even if you didn’t put your own name, the website will use your IP address as your personal identifier. Thus, your identity is not entirely anonymous. Before you post anything on the internet or visit websites, you should be aware of their Privacy Policy. If you have your own website, the best privacy policy template that you should use is the one that people can easily understand.

updated: March 25, 2004
Connecting the Dots of Yellowstone
investigation of Yellowstone reveals disturbing recent events. listen: Special Report mp3

Yellowstone News:
° CBS: Yellowstone's Explosive Secret  Video
° Gases Suspected in Yellowston Bison Deaths
° Slaughter Continues of Yellowstone Buffalo
° Lichen Suspected in Mass Elk Deaths
° Billings Area Stages "Disaster" Emergency Drills

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Finton Dunn at:

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